von Rocko Home runs on the engine called team work, and these lovely members are the cogs in the wheel. With the help of our dedicated moving team, we’ve got figured it out. Communication, consideration, and determination are what allows us highly skilled and motivated humans to succeed in the fast-paced, high-energy industry of real estate staging.

Our staging team is fully vaccinated against Covid19.

  • Lindsay Gatz
  • Lindsay Gatz

LINDSAY GATZ | stager + owner + she/her

Lindsay found herself rearranging her bedroom weekly starting at age 13. Unaware that there might be a career field in her future in which she might find this skill useful, she followed her design path into fashion, graphic design, and merchandising. After collecting numerous design degrees, she became a sought-after visual designer focusing on branding and package design.

Years later, dreaming about a life less sedate, she began researching the world of real estate staging. Excited to start using her room styling skills, in 2017 she pooled her resources in the Seattle real estate arena and created von Rocko Home, an offshoot of her design studio von Rocko Design. Starting with her personal collection stored in her home garage, she quickly grew into a warehouse in South Seattle.

  • Denise Reed
  • Denise Reed

DENISE REED | stager + motivator + she/her

Denise is the life blood than energizes the von Rocko Home team when our batteries are low. She is a master communicator, both within the company and when comforting home sellers. The energy and creativity Denise brings to the team is invaluable times infinity.

Denise moved to Seattle in 1997 to pursue a degree in Fine Art/Illustration at Cornish College of the Arts and then later obtained a degree in Commercial Photography from Seattle Central. During this time, and for years after, she was driven to backpack around the world like all rebellious GenX’ers. Armed with a camera and sketchbook, she was consumed with absorbing ancient and modern art, textiles, fashion, and architecture. She still relies on these passions to define who she is — and has since added one husband, 200 rescue dogs, and a constant flow of design evolution throughout her home. Home staging has connected her love of design and art with the love she has for the bones of a home. (This is her dream job to say the least.)

STEPHANIE HOLLISTER | inventory mgmt + she/her

Without Stephanie, we would be buried in a sea of mismatched bins, pillows and blankets, and high piles of furnishings. Stephanie keeps our warehouse zen, so we can easily design and pack for our home stages. Stephanie is an organizing goddess. When she’s not keeping us straight, she offers Helping Hand services including Property, Private Household, and Estate management, as well as Personal Assisting and Organizing.

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