Our One&Done service treats you like a VIP. We come to your space and spend up to 8 hours with you, creating your dream home. Together we’ll look at your space’s architectural foundation, and create a plan for paint colors, accent walls, wallpaper, artwork, and furnishings. We’ll spend about 60 minutes honing in on your exact goals – covering color, furniture styles, and your goal for the overall look & feel. If you already have pieces that need strategic placement, we are happy to consult and get things placed on site. Have artwork but don’t know where to hang it? We will get it hung that day, keeping in mind any plans for furniture you’ll want to order.


One&Done consultations cost $1000 for an 8-hour day.
We arrive at 9am and spend the day dedicated to you. We turn our cell phones off and give you our full attention. We’ll leave for a 1-hour lunch break at noon, and return from 1pm-5pm. This day gives us ample time to create a design direction plan, arrange and hang any of your existing pieces, and spec & order new pieces you’ll want to integrate. We collect payment upon arrival so we can focus solely on the success of your design transformation throughout the day.